Exciting News – Milkweed Manor

Exciting News!  I, or I should properly say Colwyn the Gray, am writing a book!  It’s been noodling around in my mind for a while and I’ve done a few pieces with the project in the back of my head, but now I’ve thought it out and I’m committed!  It will be my big project for this year.  I will be doing both the writing and the illustrating.
So what is it about?  The book is set in England in the woods behind the Cotswold manor house, Milkweed Manor, and takes place in Edwardian times.
All of the characters are animals.  Some of them are natives and others are newly arrived.  It’s a collection of chapters about the various antics of these characters, loosely connected by the characters but not by an overall plot.  I’d say it’s in the tradition of “Wind in the Willows” or the Beatrix Potter books.  It’s not strictly a children’s book because the language is that of adults, and I’m hoping that animal-loving adults will love it!  But older children would enjoy reading it and younger children would enjoy having it read to them – with a few vocabulary lessons on the side!

Colwyn is one of the main characters.  As a young rat he relocated from the Welsh Marches to the Cotswolds seeking a better life.  He arrived as an illiterate youngster but found he had a talent for and an interest in literature.  Inspired by the happenings around him, and taught to read and write by the Little Owl Thea, he became, at first an amateur, but later the official chronicler of Milkweed Manor.  And as the chronicler, he became known as Colwyn the Gray.
His book is entitled
Milkweed Manor
Tiny Tales of Love and Courage
as chronicled by
Colwyn the Gray