Knowing When to Start Over

I like the challenge of trying to pull something that appears to be failing out of the fire, plus, I’m a bit lazy about starting over and try to convince myself that what I have will work.  But this time, with the paper clay frog, there really was no choice but to scrap it and start over.  
The paper clay frog wasn’t working because I just couldn’t get it small enough.  So I started over with polymer clay.  She has a walnut-sized wad of aluminum foil at her core, then it’s all polymer clay from there except for the glass eyes.  As always, I use eyes from, a site that I highly recommend.  Anyway, the top photo shows her ready to go into the over for a 45 minute cure at 265 degrees F.

Then I finished her with acrylic paint and three coats of satin acrylic varnish.  She’s just the right size and looks good – at least to my eye.  (Sorry these photos are not in focus – but you get the idea!)